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About Us.

When we started vaping:

We tried many E-Liquids and at the time it just didn't seem like there was enough choices for our new taste buds. Finally it got to a point that we found an E-Liquid we truly liked, that we could vape on all day, but the price versus quantity did not cut it for us.

The reason we started our site:

We wanted to give people numerous choices to vape at an affordable price, especially if they found their everyday vape!

The Community:

We have been around E-Cigarettes a couple of years and see the interaction of the community. We love to be around and talk with people on a personal level. Everyone has an amazing story of how E-Cigarettes have helped or changed their lives.

On a personal level:

We are proud to take part in giving smokers an alternative to cigarettes. Some people may think that because our prices are so low that we don't offer a quality product. The truth of the matter is we just want to help in the transition from smoking and the progression of the E-Cigarette & Vaping Industry.

Our Products:

We take pride in creating a quality product and only use the best ingredients available. All of our Liquids are made with FDA GRAS Ingredients.

All of our E-Juice / E-Liquids are Mixed to order, Diacetyl Free & Made in the U.S.A

Find your nicotine strength in 0 to 24mg.

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