5 Heavenly Tobacco Flavored E-Juice

tobacco flavored e-juice

tobacco flavored e-juice

One of the nice things about switching from smoking cigarettes to vaping e-cigarettes is that, if you don’t want to, you don’t have to give up that great tobacco taste you’re used to. Sure, there are e-juices that taste like candy, fruit, or even cereal, but sometimes you’re in the mood for that tried and true tobacco aroma. We get it. Here are five unbeatable blends of tobacco flavored e-juice.

Chocolate Tobacco E-Juice

This delicious e-liquid combines the strong, robust flavor of tobacco with sharp hints of chocolate to create an e-juice that’s both traditional and innovative. If you’re a chocolate lover, this is a must-have e-juice, and if you’re a chocolate-loving cigarette smoker, we recommend seeing if this flavorful e-juice won’t have you putting down the smokes for good.

Maple Rum Tobacco E-Juice

Our maple rum tobacco e-juice is perfect for the cold days and nights of winter. It’s sure to evoke feelings of being up in a warm ski lodge, relaxing with a stiff drink and a seat by the fireplace. If only! For now, this fun yet sophisticated e-liquid is the next best thing.

Honey Wood Tobacco E-Juice

If you’ve got a bit of a sweet tooth but still want that nice tobacco taste, this may be the ideal e-juice for you. It’s warm, rich, and comes with just the right amount of honey flavor to perfectly accompany but not overwhelm the tobacco taste. The hints of wood and fire make this classic taste all the more perfect.

Butterscotch Tobacco E-Juice

Like we said in the introduction, there are e-juices that taste like candy, but there are also e-juices that taste like tobacco. And then, there are e-juices that taste like both. Sweet butterscotch notes excellently complement that robust tobacco flavor you love in our butterscotch tobacco e-juice, an instant favorite for all the candy lovers out there.

Virginia Fire Cured Tobacco E-Juice

A strong, smokey, and woody blend, our Virginia fire cured tobacco e-juice is the closest thing you’ll get to classic pipe tobacco in e-cigarette form. This is a more detailed flavor, with a lot of notes that come out at different times. We recommend trying a small amount first, as not everyone likes this complex e-liquid. But those who do like it, like it a lot.

What’s your favorite tobacco flavored e-juice? Let us know in the comments below!

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