All about E-cigarette Tanks, Atomizers, Cartomizers and RDAs

Are you one of them who love vaping? If yes, then you must hear about the E-cigarette right. Yes! Definitely but do you know the basics of vaping, kinds of E-cigarette tanks, Atomizers, vape tanks and RDAs. Maybe not right! Yes, nothing to worry because most of the E-cigarette users have no ideas regarding these things. Here today we will give you details knowledge regarding types of E-cigarette Tanks, cartomizers, atomizers and much more. It’s very much interesting! So let’s get started with more details without wasting any precious time.

First of all, let’s start with the core part which is nothing but the atomizer. So what is atomizer and why this is so important for an E-cigarette?

According to experts, atomizer is a crucial thing which always turns the E-Juice luscious and inhalable vapor. Though there are many deep things you can get on atomizer so first of all, we need to understand the basic right. So here is the most important part which is nothing but basic ideas on Atomizer.

Basics of Atomizer

Atomizer is always a vital component of an E-cigarette. This is made of a special kind of heating coil which works as a wick and reservoir for the e juice. When you fill up the reservoir the wick soak the juice and feeds the coil which is present on the centre of the coil. When the user hit the fire button the coil gets heated and the liquid turns into vapor.

This is the basic concept of the atomizer and whether you are purchasing costly or average atomizer you will find the same working process in every E-cigarette atomizer. Yes, the liquid hold capability, initialization and others things may differ for different atomizer but the working process is absolutely the same for all.

Next thing which we are going to discuss that is E-cigarette Cartomizers.

What is Cartomizers?

Cartomizer is nothing but known as the common type of E-Cigarette Atomizers. It sounds weird right! Don’t worry we will discuss more details on still. Just read the complete post you will get the complete idea for sure.

Cartomizers normally look like casual cigarette butts. You can find these as cylindrical in shape and paced near the battery portion of the E-cigarette. You can mark a tiny hole on the top of the cartomizer and inside you will get the heating coil which is normally surrounded with a wicking fabric for the e juice soaking purpose.

The interesting thing is you can easily find the heavy amount of wick material inside the cartomizer it’s only because the core intention is to hold the e juice as much as you can without any leaking. You can easily change the cartomizer and it’s well available on market at a very reasonable price.

Before going to discuss on tanks it’s quite important to understand what clearomizer is because these are relevant to each other and you can’t just leave anything if you want to get complete knowledge.

All about clearomizers

Clearomizers are the advanced versions of cartomizers. These are like a special kind of container which manufactured to clear cartomizer. Is it confusing right? Yes, but this is the fact and here you can clear your confusion.

Cartomizers and clearomizes work differently. In clearomizer, you will find a tube which normally attaches to a wick and heating coil with the atomizer head. A small tank is also there which works as the e-liquid container.  Here you will get the transparent tank so that you can easily mark the e-liquid quantity left inside your E-cigarette. Clearomizers normally available of two types like a bottom coil and top coil. You will get the eGo threading that means it is suitable for mid-size E-cigarettes easily.

Now it’s time to discuss on tanks in details

E-cig Tanks and sub-ohm tanks

E-cig tank is nothing but one kind of huge clearomizer which has the capacity to hold a larger amount of e-liquid or e juice. Normally a tank can contain 2 ml to 5 ml e-liquid which is much more than a clearomizer. Another special thing of a tank is it’s normally made of glass which definitely offers durability and stronghold. In most of the tanks, you can get the feature to control over the airflow towards the coil. Find the right airflow is always necessary to get the perfect sense of flavor and adequate amount of vapor.

When the thing comes to sub ohm tanks these are normally like a standard tank but you will get lower resistance coils in it and its around 1 ohm less than good ones. Sub ohm tanks most of the cases work like temperature control coil. These are made of stainless steel, titanium and nickel which normally control the temperature and offers consistency performance. Let’s discuss some of the important advantages of tanks and sub ohm tanks. These are likes

  • User-friendly
  • Easy to replace
  • Can get amazing flavor
  • Adjustable airflow for better performance
  • Temperature control feature
  • Amazing vapor production system
  • Easy to refill
  • It works perfectly fine on higher wattages
  • It can contain more e-liquid so long lasting


E-cigarette RDAs, which is also known as rebuildable dripping Atomizers is known as the important element of an atomizer. This is an E-cigarette component which normally focuses on wick and coil. A common type of RDA normally comes with a deck which has a top cap for the inhale purpose.

In RDA, the e-liquid normally drip onto the heating coil directly which will soak the wick and offers vape. If you want a E-cigarette for long-term vape then you have to go with a high quality and reliable RDA because it has many benefits like

  • It’s awesome in terms of flavor, vapor and performance
  • The wick and wire are very cheap
  • Perfect for high wattage vaping
  • You can easily change the flavor
  • You will get the adjustable airflow feature in E-cig RDAs

And much more!

Final verdict

Day by day vape lovers are getting attracted towards E-cigarettes and the market is also growing rapidly. You can easily get assorted brands which are manufacturing different varieties of E-atomizers but the working process or concept is same for all. It’s always recommended to use a good and reputed brand of atomizer so that you can enjoy an adequate amount of vapor with your favourite flavor E-Liquid. Tank and sub-ohm tank are easy to use but it’s always up to you where you want to use them as long term or short term. Choose wisely and make your decision accordingly and enjoy vaping. Hope this post gave you details knowledge regarding all things you required. Still, if you have any confusion or question regarding this topic then feels free to write down under the comment section we will love to answer you with more details thanks.

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