Enjoy the marvelous taste of Beverage E Liquids with your E Cigarette

E-cigarettes are the new trend and sensation among young guys. People are now quite conscious regarding the bad effect of normal cigarettes on the head and that’s why they prefer to use an e-cigarette. Why so? And how e-cigarette is different than normal cigarettes? If you want to know everything in details then read this post completely. So let’s start without wasting any time. Normally in E-cigarette you have to use the e-liquid and e-liquid comes with various nicotine strengths. So if you are a smoker and want to control it then you can use e-cigarette and can control the nicotine amount so overall E-cigarette is much better than a normal cigarette.

Now let’s discuss e liquids and some more details regarding it.

What is E Juice or E-Liquid?

If you are a vape lover then you must hear the word e-liquid. But do you know what is it? If no, then no need to worry we are here to give you details information.

E liquid is nothing but a special kind of liquid which normally uses in electronics cigarettes. This liquid normally generates vapors with heating effect inside the e cigarette. E liquids are well available with various flavors and nowadays Beverage E Liquids are very much popular among people.

E liquids are well available with different strengths of nicotine so that people can choose their required strength. Normally e liquid available with 5 different strengths like

  • No nicotine strength which contains zero mg strength
  • Low strength type which contains 8 mg nicotine
  • Medium strength type which contains 11 mg nicotine
  • High strength type which contains 16 mg nicotine
  • Extra High strength type which contains 24 mg nicotine

If you are not sure how to choose the e-liquid strength then always start with low strength e-liquid.

Bulk Dew E Juice

  1. Bulk Dew E Juice

Bulk dew e juice is one of the popular and top-rated e juices you can try if you want to taste a rich beverage e juice. This e-liquid is well available with both sweetener and menthol category. You can purchase this premium quality e juice from bluckejuice store at a very reasonable price. So what are you waiting for choose your required amount of nicotine strength and order it today and experience the smooth and tasty flavor vapor inhale.

  1. Cafe Coffee E Juice

Do you a coffee lover?? Do you want to experience typical and natural coffee flavor with your e-cigarette? If yes, then cafe coffee e juice is always a better option for you. You can add two to three drops of café coffee e juice in your e-cigarette and can enjoy the natural smooth vape inhale. You can purchase this e juice from the market with your required strength nicotine and yes you will definitely love it.       

  1. Strawberry Milk E Juice

Strawberry Milk e juice is one of the popular and top class e juices ever. If you are strawberry lover then this is the best e juice for you. This premium quality e juice will give you a blend of milk and strawberry flavor which is very smooth and rich in taste. You can easily purchase the required amount of e juice from bluckejuice online portal.

  1. Creme Soda E Juice

Creme soda E juice is another popular and high quality e juice. This is one of the top-rated beverage e-liquid which will give you natural creme and soda taste. This is a smooth flavor which most of the vape lovers prefers. This e-liquid is well available on bluckejuice and its available with no sweetener added. You can choose the nicotine strength as per your requirement and order it any time. 

Lemonade E Juice  

  1. Lemonade E Juice

Nowadays Lemonade e juice is the favourite of many people and it’s only because of its smooth and refreshing flavor. You can get the mint and natural lime juice flavor with this beverage e-liquid. This is a premium quality famous e juice. So it’s interesting right! You can also enjoy this flavor for this you have to order this e-liquid from bulckejuice online portal. It’s very affordable and always give you longer as well as a smooth refreshing vaping experience.         

Final verdict

No doubt beverage e liquids are popular among people but it’s quite important to choose the best brand and premium quality. If you are going with regular e liquid then you may find several harmful ingredients which can hamper your health. Day by day e liquids are coming with several new flavors and this industry is growing rapidly. We gave you some of the popular beverage e liquids list on the above. So choose the best e liquid according to your favourite flavor and strength of the nicotine. If you want to avoid the nicotine intake during smoking then choose no nicotine e juice and enjoy the flavor vape with a sensational smooth aroma of e juice.

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