How to Steep E-Liquid for a Smoother Vaping Experience

how to steep e-liquid

how to steep e-liquid

Ever made a soup, chili, or sauce? If so, you know that getting that perfect flavor is all about letting the various tastes mix, coalesce and congeal. This is steeping. It has nothing to do with tea, but it’s the same idea. Technically, steeping is any process in which a solid is placed in liquid to soften and/or emit flavor. Did you know that your e-juice can be steeped too? Here’s everything you need to know about why and how to steep e-liquid.

Why Steep E-Liquid?

The why is simple: it can make your e-juice taste better. It better allows the PG and VG molecules to soak up flavor and makes the vaping experience smoother. The extent to which it will do this varies from blend to blend. For example, some e-liquids contain alcohol, which can greatly benefit from steeping.

How to Steep E-Liquid

Steeping e-liquid is simple. Place your closed e-juice bottles in a cool, dark place for an extended period of time. If you’re the impatient type, you can shake your bottles as frequently as possible to help accelerate the steeping process. Steep for at least two weeks. The exact length of time you should steep depends on the blend itself and is influenced greatly by what general type of e-juice you’re steeping. Fruit flavors tend not to need to steep too long whereas tobacco flavors take quite a while. Dessert flavors typically require the longest steeping time. However, it’s all completely subjective. The exact degree of steeping necessary for each e-juice will vary from person to person. Some vapers like to let their liquid steep for months before they use it. Just make sure you’re not letting your e-juice last past its expiration date.


Speed-steeping is an attempt to quicken the steeping process by running your e-liquid bottles under warm tap water. If you don’t want to wait around at the sink, fill it with warm water, place your e-juice bottles in a plastic bag and submerge the bag. Leave them there for a few hours before returning them to the cool, dark place you’re letting them steep.

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