If You Love Clove Cigarettes, Check Out Clove E-Juice



By now, you’re probably aware of the fact that there are an astronomical number of different e-juice flavors. When you smoke cigarettes, or back when you used to smoke them if you’ve successfully quit, it is or was smoke after smoke of the exact same flavor. Now, you can have Pistachio e-liquid one moment, Cinnamon Crunch Cereal the next, and a helping of Fig or Dragon Fruit to top it all off. That’s definitely a lot more wild than smoking cigarettes could ever hope to be!

Still, if you were or are a clove cigarette smoker, you may sometimes yearn for that clove taste that you used to indulge in so frequently. Don’t worry. We’ve got Clove E-Juice, and it will meet all your needs. Not only does it have the strong aroma of cloves that you know and love, but it won’t saddle you with the thousands of toxic chemicals that exist in cigarette smoke, or stink up your mouth the way smoking does.

Our Clove E-Juice is an authentic tasting blend, giving you that calming, soothing, slightly numbing sensation for which cloves are known. It’s a strong flavor, and while it definitely hits you with the bold clove taste you’d expect, it doesn’t come with overpowering spice. It’s sharp enough that it makes for a memorable e-juice flavor if you’re looking for something to mix things up with, but it’s also smooth in a way that makes it perfect as an ex-clove cigarette smoker’s go-to e-liquid.

If you want a smaller dosage of the cloves, we’ve got you covered as well. Our Tobacco and Clove E-Juice is a sublime combination of the two flavors and is a favorite of ex-smokers who used to like both clove and traditional tobacco cigarettes. Neither flavor overwhelms the other, and vaping this blend allows you to taste both types of delicious notes simultaneously.

Our Clove E-Juice and our Tobacco and Clove E-Juice, like all our e-juices, come with adjustable PG/VG levels and variable nicotine strengths. We want you to be able to customize your Clove E-Juice so it gives you exactly the vaping experience you want.

Have you ever tried Clove E-Juice? What did you think of it? Let us know in the comments below!


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