Indulge Your Inner Child with These Candy-Flavored E-Juices

candy-flavored e-juices

candy-flavored e-juices

Remember when having a couple dollars to buy five-cent candies from the corner store made you feel like the richest kid in the world? And you could eat as much candy as you wanted without feeling sick or bloated at all? Yeah, well, those days are behind you forever. On the bright side, now that you’re an adult, you can vape! So, if you find yourself missing your childhood, why not get in touch with your inner kid with these candy-flavored e-juices?

Fruit Gum

If you’re an ex-smoker who switched over to vaping, one of the things you probably don’t miss about smoking is having your breath stink all the time. Not only do e-cigarettes not make your mouth gross, but they can actually give it a boost. If you’d known there was an e-liquid that would give you a nicotine hit while making your breath smell like fruity gum, you would’ve quit smoking a long time ago, wouldn’t you?

Blueberry Cotton Candy E-Juice

From fairs to amusement parks to baseball stadiums, many of your best childhood memories might involve cotton candy. Reminisce about your youth with our whimsical Blueberry Cotton Candy E-juice, the ideal marriage of sugar and fruit. It’s a bold, layered flavor that’s both exhilarating and nostalgic, and sure to take you back to those magical childhood days of outdoor summer fun.

Butter Toffee

Butter toffee is without a doubt one of the most delicious treats on the planet. This buttery, chocolaty concoction is an unbeatable combination of dessert and snack. And now, it’s an e-liquid too. Not only is this robust flavor a great way to deliver nicotine to your body, but it’s the tastiest thing on the safe side of zero calories. So, don’t be afraid to overindulge!

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