New to E-Cigarettes? Here are 5 Common Vaping Mistakes to Avoid

common vaping mistakes

common vaping mistakes

One of the reasons that vaping is an easier transition when compared to the patch or nicotine gum is that users like it as much as they used to like smoking since e-cigarettes deliver nicotine while providing that satisfying hand-to-mouth action. However, like most things in life, if you don’t do it right, you’re unlikely to enjoy it. Here are some common vaping mistakes to avoid when you’re starting out.

Buying Lousy Vaping Products

If you’re doing this to quit smoking, this is something you intend on doing for a long time. Don’t buy the cheapest e-cigarette you can find, or poor quality vape juice off some shady looking website. Doing so is ensuring that you won’t enjoy the vaping experience, and that’s simply setting yourself up for failure.

Buying the Same E-Juice Over and Over Again

These aren’t cigarettes! Try as many different e-liquid flavors as possible when you’re starting out. You never know which new blend is your next favorite, or ideal for a particular mood. Eventually you might settle into a routine, but make sure you’ve done the proper investigating first.

Not Preparing Your E-Cigarette Properly

By doing this, you ensure that your vapor is going to reach its full potential deliciousness. Wash out your tank before trying a new flavor of e-juice, and regularly clean your coil. This will enable you to have the smoothest vaping experience possible.

Forgetting to Charge Your Battery

You can remember every preparation under the sun, but if you forget to charge your e-cigarette’s battery, you’re going to find yourself plumb out of luck. Get into the routine of charging your device’s battery whenever you’re not using it. Not doing so is just asking to get stuck with a dead battery.

Forgetting to Drink Water

Vaping dries out your mouth. Stay hydrated to avoid feeling unwell, having a sticky mouth, and being cursed with stinky breath. Unlike smokers, vapers don’t have to carry bad breath around with them, as long as they remember to carry around a water bottle instead.

What other common vaping mistakes should beginners make sure they avoid? Let us know in the comments below!

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