Visiting Thailand? Leave Your E-Cigarette at Home

Visiting Thailand? Leave Your E-Cigarette at Home

Visiting Thailand? Leave Your E-Cigarette at Home

Picture the scene. You’re about to travel overseas for a well-earned vacation, but then you remember some local customs in your destination which are slightly different than what you’re used to. Going to Russia? Always take your gloves off before you shake somebody’s hand. China? Never leave your chopsticks upright in the bowl.

Well, get ready to add another to the list. When traveling to Thailand, do not bring your e-cigs. This isn’t merely a question of etiquette; it’s the law. In 2014, a ban on vaping was introduced in Thailand, and it’s been in effect ever since. Several tourists have visited the country, known colloquially as the Land of Smiles, only to find there was little to smile about once their devices were confiscated and they were slapped with a prohibitive fine. And believe it or not, that’s the best case scenario if you are caught.

People who bring in e-cigarettes or refills to Thailand could face up to 10 years in prison, and so travel agents from countries such as the UK are informing and reminding their clients that this regulation is not something to take lightly.

About a million tourists travel to Thailand from the US each year for its renowned culture, food, and beaches. However, many are unaware of the ban on e-cigs. Since the e-cigarette regulatory climate in many countries such as the US and the UK are increasingly recognizing that these electronic devices can be an effective smoking cessation method, it is easy to assume that other countries are following suit. However, this isn’t the case in countries such as Thailand, Brazil, Singapore, and the Seychelles, so we always remind our customers to check the local regulations and laws prior to traveling with their e-cigs.

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