Vaping for Beginners: What is E-Juice?

what is e-juice

what is e-juice

“What is e-juice?” Simple question, right? However, the answer you get depends on whom you ask. E-juice is a lot of things to different people. Also, there are multiple ways to interpret the question. Do you want to know e-juice’s chemical constitution, practical application, commercial potential, or social impact? There are a lot of potential answers to the query.

We’ll try to cover the major ones.

E-juice is the liquid used in e-cigarettes to create vapor. E-cigarettes aren’t like traditional tobacco cigarettes. They work without combustion, delivering flavor and nicotine (or just flavor, if you want nicotine-free e-juice) to your body without any smoke, ash, or second-hand effects.

E-juice is composed of five main constituent substances. It’s made of water, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, food flavoring and–if you want–nicotine. And nothing else! This is one of many things which distinguishes it from cigarettes, which include 70 known carcinogens.

E-juice is also known as e-liquid or vape juice. They’re different terms for the same substance.

E-juice is a smoking cessation tool that’s gaining in popularity as many smokers look for alternative nicotine delivery methods. Unlike nicotine gum or nicotine patches, e-cigarettes don’t require you to give up the social aspect, the routine, or the physical comfort of smoking. You still head outside for your break, put something to your lips, inhale, get your flavor hit and your nicotine fix, and then exhale.

E-juice is cheaper than cigarettes. For better or for worse, cigarettes are heavily taxed products. Not surprisingly, in terms of both puffs and nicotine consumption, e-juice has cigarettes beat.

E-juice is more than just a smoking cessation tool, though. Many people also vape for social reasons, to experience the fun of blowing clouds of vapor with their friends, or to taste a myriad of a delicious flavors.

So, what is e-juice? It’s a great-tasting, ash- and tar-free alternative to smoking that comes with adjustable nicotine levels, all the way from zero to high. It’s a cost-effective product that you can buy online. It’s a way to quit smoking for smokers, and a potential new hobby for all.

What is e-juice to you? Let us know in the comments below.

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