What to Expect When You Quit Smoking

quit smoking

quit smoking

Whether you’ve been addicted to cigarettes for the past couple months or for the majority of your life, quitting smoking is not an easy task. But remember, by quitting cigarettes, you stand to gain immensely, and not just physically. Here’s what to expect when you put down the cigarettes and start vaping instead.

8 Hours

Eight hours after you quit smoking, your physical health will have already improved, as the amount of oxygen in your lungs will begin to return to healthy levels. By no longer inhaling smoke, you’ll be doing your respiratory system a world of good.

24 Hours

A mere 24 hours after you quit smoking, your lungs will be free of residual carbon monoxide. Not only that, but you’ll have begun to rid your system of mucus and other debris that has been accumulating from your time spent as a smoker.

72 Hours

After three days of being cigarette-free, your sense of smell and taste will have improved. Why the change? The toxins in cigarettes damage the receptors in a smoker’s mouth and nose. You’ll also start to notice a significant improvement in your breathing at the three-day mark, as the tar in your bronchial tubes starts to clear up.

3-6 Months

At this point, your lung function will have been significantly restored. Tendencies to wheeze, cough, or suffer from shallow breath will have diminished. Your body will have removed a large chunk of the toxic debris that has been piling up inside your lungs and bronchial tubes.

5 Years

By the five year anniversary of your quitting, you’ll have cut your risk of a heart attack in half. The longer you stay away from tobacco cigarettes, the healthier you’ll become. Depending on how much you used to smoke, you’ll have saved upwards of $20,000 that you would have wasted on cigarettes. That’s a new car’s worth of savings.

What facet of quitting smoking are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments below!

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