Zero-Nicotine Vaping: Who’s Doing It and Why

zero-nicotine e-cigs

zero-nicotine e-cigs

One of the reasons why e-cigarettes are becoming so popular is because vapers have the ability to precisely control how much nicotine they’re taking in from vaping. Some users are even using zero-nicotine e-cigs and e-juices, also known as no-nic products, for a nicotine-free vaping experience. Here’s who might benefit from using zero-nicotine e-cigs.

Cloud Chasers

If you’re a smoker trying to put down the cigarettes for good, zero-nicotine e-cigs likely aren’t for you. They might not leave you satisfied and you could slip back to smoking cigarettes pretty quickly. However, if you’re getting into vaping because you’ve seen people blowing awesome clouds and you want to get in on the fun, nicotine-free vaping might be ideal. After all, cloud chasers get just as big clouds with no-nic products as with nic products. Additionally, cloud chasing is a hobby that requires practicing. If you’re going to be partaking in it, you’ll probably quite often be taking major hits in quick succession. All that nicotine might go to your head if you’re not used to it. With zero-nicotine e-cigs, you don’t have to deal with that.

People Who’ve Never Smoked or Vaped Nicotine Products Before

Most people who vape are ex-smokers, but many are just people who like cool tasting e-juices. If that’s you, you might very well not enjoy the nicotine hit that comes with nic products. And for most people, it’s not a habit they’re trying to pick up. Zero nicotine e-cigs will let you sample all the wild flavors you can imagine without taking in any nicotine.

People Trying to Quit Nicotine

This one’s obvious! If you’re trying to rid your life of nicotine, you’re going to need zero-nicotine e-cigs. Start with a nicotine level that’s comfortable, and gradually decrease the milligrams of nicotine you consume until you’re using nicotine-free blends. It might not happen overnight, but you can get there. In the meantime, enjoy the fact that you’re no longer inhaling the dozens of toxic carcinogens that come with cigarettes.

Remember, at Bulk E-Juice, all of our e-liquids come with adjustable nicotine levels and can be set to nicotine-free.

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