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Cafe Coffee E Juice

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With several key coffee chains well on their way to world domination, we may have reached peak coffee saturation in the world, but why is that a bad thing? Coffee is the kind of rich, deep taste that lingers on your palate in a way that only makes you crave more. So give in. If you're a coffee person, then why limit yourself only to the drink? Bulk's Coffee vape juice allows you to experience this taste whenever you want, so if you're too caffeine-sensitive to drink coffee later than 5pm, but still adore and crave the taste, then our Bulk coffee vape juice is the answer you've been searching for. Even if you're not caffeine sensitive, this coffee vape juice is still an amazing gift to the world. So go on, you deserve it.

Our coffee vape juice does not contain any additional sweetener, but if you have a sweet tooth and like a little bit of sweetness with your coffee, we recommend purchasing Sweetener, also available on our website, to add a touch, or a lot, of the sweet stuff!

Color Description: Dark

Current Reviews: 8

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