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Paradise E Juice


It is July 30 I ordered this at 60/40. did a quick steep 3 rounds of 15 minutes in hot tap water then I did a 2 minute microwave heat of water in a 4x4 container 1" deep and let it sit in there until water was room temp approx 3-4 hours. steeped on a shelf , shook daily for 2 weeks pushed air in and out of the bottle daily. got to where I pput a drop on my finger in my mouth and it tasted right. Vaped it on MVP 2.0 @ 10.5watts 3.7v used both Nautilus tank and iclear 30S, both vaped it beautifully. went to my silver bullet stacked 3.7's with iClear 30S and it blew me away re-ordering 50ml this coming week. big thumbs up Steep steep steep
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