Irish Cream E Juice

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Irish Cream E Juice All of our Juices are a Bold and Robust natural taste. We do not add additional sweetener but you may purchase Sweetener & Menthol in the Category list. Please select the quantity and strength of your juice. If you have any question please feel free to contact us. Color Description: Light to Medium


WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

4 Reviews

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    Vape Juice Review

    Posted by Jorel on Jul 4th 2014

    Extremely robust flavor, almost like they over did it with the flavor. Best way to explain it is like a concentrated form of Irish cream.


    Flavor 5/10

    Vapor 8/10

    Throat hit 9/10 (18mg)

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    Vape Juice Review

    Posted by Christopher on Jun 27th 2014

    It's a very interesting flavor. I was expecting more of coffee flavor like the Irish cream creamer, i dont exactly know how to explain this juice. Thankfully i got a 5 pack sample and can move on to another flavor.

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    Vape Juice Review

    Posted by Scott on Dec 24th 2013

    Spot on nailed this, even down to the sensation of the whiskey in the background. Seems as though at least one reviewer here wasn't aware that "Irish Cream" is a liqueur that can be bought at liquor stores, not just a Coffeemate flavoring.

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    Vape Juice Review

    Posted by Rob on Sep 13th 2013

    Took a lot of getting used to. I was expecting a shamrock shake taste but it is much creamier. Wont reorder