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Red Dots E Juice


Date Added: 11/16/2015 by MET L
Numbing hot. It's very nice on a cold day. 70pg/30vg very strong throat hit.

Date Added: 08/17/2015 by Tena
If someone would have asked me a year ago if I would be vaping a cinnamon flavor, I woul have told t...

Date Added: 10/11/2014 by Dustin
Red dots was amazing straight from the mail. After a week of sitting in the drawer it got HOT!!!!!!!...

Date Added: 08/08/2014 by Adrienne
I ordered a sample of Red Dots because I love the candy, "Hot Tamales". The flavor is spot on. This ...

Date Added: 06/27/2014 by Thom
Spicy! I mix just a very small quantity of Red Dots with something sweet and it really does the tric...

Date Added: 04/03/2014 by Crystal
Flavor is dead on. Had to tone down the heat with some plan cinnamon. A bit to hot for my liking.

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