"WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical."


If you have ever craved the cool, refreshing taste of menthol in an e-cigarette, look no further than Bulk E-Juice E-Liquid Menthol. Simulating the breezy sensation of menthol cigarettes, e-liquid menthol allows vapers either to transition smoothly to e-cigarettes, or simply to satisfy their search for a new and exciting flavor. The mint aroma of e-liquid menthol will perk up your senses and allow you a moment of reprieve from a busy day. If you seek a sweeter flavor, you'll love the e-liquid sweetener option. Made with sucralose, e-liquid sweetener can be adjusted to suit the desire of each vaper. As with e-liquid menthol, it is sold in 10ML amounts. Bulk E-Juice recommends 1 or 2 drops be used for every 30ML.