"WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical."

What is E Juice?


If you are someone that loves to vape and want to experience the splendid world of vaping then you must be interested in more details regarding the Awesome history of E-Juice and who invented it. How to use it properly and much more right? If yes, then you are at the right place. Here in this post we are going to discuss every point in detail so that you will get your answers accurately. Most people don’t know the history and core knowledge of E-liquid! They just know E cigarettes and how to pop it in. Nowadays E cigarette businesses are growing rapidly, and many brands are manufacturing E cigarettes which are normally safer than regular smoking cigarettes. People are crazy about E Cigarettes but it’s also important to have some knowledge on this. So, let’s start with more details regarding this; Vape Juice.

History of E-Juice

When it comes to the history of E-Juice, it’s always necessary to discuss who invented this E liquid. Hon Lik and Herbert A Gilbert are two names behind this popular E-Juice but Hon Lik is primarily known as the inventor of E Cigarettes whom is a Pharmacist in China.

How E liquid is made?

When Mr. Lik invented E cigarettes, he was looking for a liquid which could be vaporized and feel like tobacco smoke with having a safe amount of nicotine and not as harmful as regular cigarettes. He researched a lot and gave his efforts, after some time experimenting he discovered Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin which is known in short as PG and VG. This is a perfect liquid combination which can hold the required amount of nicotine and can create sufficient vapors via the atomization process. In E-Cigarettes you can use two kinds of liquid VG and PG. Now the question is, what are VG and PG. To make it clear let’s discuss the two in more detail.

All about VG and PG

Propylene Glycol which is known as PG is completely tasteless and odorless. It Provides little vapor but offers much more of a throat hit as opposed to VG, however PG is the main factor for flavor depending on the device that you are using. If you are using a device that is Higher in Ohms such as 1.0 Ohms or greater you would want to stick with a higher PG Ratio. When it comes to VG which is also known as Vegetable Glycerin it almost provides the same effect as PG. The only thing different you can find between PG and VG is it is thicker in viscose and offers more clouds of vapor. High VG Ratios are typically used in devices that are Sub-Ohm which is anything under 1.0 Ohm.

How E-cigarette Liquid works?

Depending on the type of device you are using (RDA, Tank Etc.) you will either drip your juice onto the Atomizer head directly or fill your Tank/Device with the E-Liquid of your choice. Once this is done, the process is followed by the heating of your coil. This atomizes the E-Liquid and turns it into a gas also known as Vapor.

How to use E-Cig Juice?

There are a few important steps to follow in the process of using your Dripper/Tank to get the most out of your E-Cigarette. The first thing to remember is to always shake your bottle of E-Juice before adding it to your E-Cigarette, this allows all the flavor and nicotine to mix thoroughly and provide you with the most vapor/flavor for your desired ratio. The second important step is to always make sure the E-Liquid does not get in the center tube, this will cause the E-Liquid to leak from the base where the airflow is. If this does occur, you can wrap the bottom of the airflow with a napkin and blow gently to remove the excess E-Liquid. Another important step is using your E-Cigarette is to make sure you have a fresh charge, the greater the charge on your E-Cigarette the better vape you will get from your E-Liquid.

How to store E-cigarette Juice?

Most people that vape do not think about the storage of their E-Liquid, that being said let’s touch base on a few things. When it comes to storing E-Juice, you want to keep it in a cool dark area. This does not mean that your E Juice will go bad if you bring it with you, just make sure your E Liquid does not get left in a hot car throughout the day as this will lower the quality of the product in the long run. If you happen to purchase your E Juice in larger quantities to save on costs, you can also store your E Liquid in the freezer to extend the life of it. E-Juice typically lasts up to 2 years if stored properly, so make sure to keep these helpful tips in mind.

Final words

With today’s technology and the vast history of E-Cigarettes and E-Liquids dating back to the 1960’s, vaping has come a long way. From old tanks made of plastic that leak E Juice to the modern glass and metal tanks that no longer leak, the E Cig industry has made strides in improvements to your everyday vape. Think back the last 10 years of the vape industry, most of the products you used had E-Cig coils that would go out in just a few days. With today’s coils and devices you get weeks to months out of them with little to no issues. Most E Juices are more customizable to your liking such as the ratio and nicotine strength that you prefer to get the perfect vape out of your E-Cigarette. If you have tried a E-Cig in the past you may want to give it another shot and kick the dirty smelly habit of traditional smoking. There are countless brands and types of ECigs and vape gear out there and you are sure to find something that suits you with today’s technology in the E-Cigarette industry as well as the world of flavors that you can choose from.